Lagos state had a CPR (Contraceptive Prevalence Rate) target of 74%, but we are currently at 49.1% with an annual increase of about 0.5%. With the figure we are getting, it became clear to us that we needed to support more strongly the private sector in Lagos who cater to about 65% of our population. We have been trying to implement relevant policies & strategies, and one of the interventions is the implementation of the post pregnancy services which has been harmonized into the state costed family planning implementation plans.

Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Health

The recently made-over Eziama PHC in Abia State had its family planning unit damaged by a storm.

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) introduced a number of high-impact approaches that helped to strengthen Eziama Primary Healthcare Center’s (PHC’s) linkages with the surrounding community in Aba North local government area (LGA) of Abia state. As a TCI demonstration facility, Eziama PHC underwent a 72-hour clinic makeover in April 2019, which…

Oladayo Ayomide is a vibrant 17-year-old youth in Ibadan, Oyo State, awaiting to be admitted into the university. Oladayo recalls that, one day, while at the town planning center in Ibadan where a campaign on Yellow Fever was being done, a health worker approached him and informed him about a…

As Nigeria’s population grows every day, with an average of five or six births per woman according to the Nigeria Demographic Health Survey (NDHS) 2018, it has become crucial that government increases its commitment to family planning for the wellbeing of its citizens, particularly women and children.

One way of…

Taofeek Aminat Toyin, a beneficiary of the SuPPoRT Initiative’s Community Connect Programme

Women love looking beautiful and looking good they say is good business. Make-up, wigs and clothes make some woman feel complete. Many women, young or old and across many cities in Nigeria love to change their looks every now and then. A wig is usually one way this can be…

In the last century, communication has evolved to a state of utter amazement. People used to physically go to each other to pass on an information or assemble together in one place or use a town crier to go into the community to continually repeat the information until it is…

Advocacy Strategy Development for Sustainable Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent, Elderly Health + Nutrition Programmes in Oyo State

Advocacy has been used as a strategy to achieve supportive environment evidenced by increased programme funding and sustainable governance that promotes equitable access to quality healthcare. Strategic advocacy driven by evidence that…

Who We Are:

Sustaining Programs and Partnerships on Reproductive Health Transformation (SuPPoRT) is a six-month initiative funded by TJ. …

Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, Chairman, National Population Commission

Briefing the Press @ The Press Conference On “Accelerating Nigeria’s Achievement of Demographic Dividend: Process and Progress So Far”

Nigeria was among the frontline Africa Union (AU) Member States to respond to AU mandate to develop and launch a Nigeria Roadmap on…

Here is the abstract the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) is presenting at the 6th Nigeria Family Planning Conference.

- Health facility staff’s Orientation: Integration Approach to drive facility-based Clients’ Referral for Quality Health Service

Primary Author: Adejoke Oyewo

Presentation Type: Oral

Date/Time: Friday December 11, 2020 / 8am




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Working towards a Nigeria where the uptake of family planning/childbirth spacing methods is a social norm.

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