FP Voice: Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, Deputy Governor, Formerly Executive Secretary for Kaduna State Primary Health Care Agency

Originally posted on FP Voices.

Kaduna State, Nigeria

Family planning and childbirth spacing were really tough messages to get across to people, especially women accessing other services. One thing that was staring us in the face was the fact that we were not getting enough commodities to meet our demand. So we asked for the Federal Ministry of Health to allow us, here in Kaduna, to procure our commodities to fill that gap. I am happy to say that we got the approval. For 2018, we received 100 million to procure family planning commodities. We realize that apart from married women who were accessing the services, we had a large chunk of single girls (adolescents) who needed the services, but didn’t because of the stigma associated with being a single lady and coming in to access the service. So they were left out. They constituted a large part of unmet need that we had in Kaduna, so we needed to find a way of closing that gap and making that available. So training people and getting them to move away from that stigma was one other priority that we looked at.

Interviewer: Oris Ikiddeh

Photographer: Melanie Nwakwo

Working towards a Nigeria where the uptake of family planning/childbirth spacing methods is a social norm.